Lonely & Single? Beating the Nobody’s Girl Blues!

Feeling lonely?  So many single women are feeling that way during these very stressful and isolating times!  Being single is real challenge right now, for sure. And it often leads to having what I call the Nobody’s Girl blues. I know all about it, because, as a result of my own lonely childhood, I grew up feeling like a Nobody’s […]

27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You (#7 Says It All)

Maybe there’s a guy in your life who’s a friend, or you just started dating him, and you find yourself wondering, does he like me? In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the undeniable signs that he likes you.  Because there’s a difference between a guy who’s just being nice and a guy who’s attracted to you. Chances are you’re here because you […]

10 Red Flags He Won’t Commit To You

Save yourself time and heartbreak by paying attention to these red flags. Many inquiries I get from women involve their confusion about whether or not the man they are seeing is serious about them. My belief is that if you are really that confused about someone’s intentions, then odds are your instincts are correct and they are probably not that serious. But […]

7 Weird Kissing Mistakes That Turn Men Off

Did you know that 34 facial muscles are working when you are kissing someone?! So, either your muscles are turning men on, or they’re turning them off. But how do you know if your kissing game is on point or not? When you meet a great guy and get to the stage where you’re ready to kiss him, you want […]

Successful and Single: What Men Get Wrong About Dating Strong Women

Do successful men really want to “marry down”? Studies show that the answer is no. Are you worried that you’re overqualified for dating? Many successful women may shy away from, or completely avoid discussing their career on a date because they don’t want to scare away a man who may be intimidated. I hear this time and time again from […]

5 Reasons Your Online Dating Profile is Attracting The Wrong Men

There isn’t a predictable formula for online dating (or dating of ANY kind), but there are common mistakes that may be holding you back from attracting the right type(s) of men. Just a few short years ago it was almost a strange stigma to have met someone online. We didn’t want to admit we used any of the wide variety […]

How to Find True Love in 7 Simple Steps

Most of us have no trouble finding someone to date or be in a relationship with, but how to find true love is a different story.  What do I mean when I say true love? I mean the one. True love is about finding your soul mate. The man you want to live your life with, have stood by your side […]

I’m Afraid to Be in a FLR

Dear Te-Erika, With her needs as a priority in a Female Led Relationship, I am concerned that my needs might not get the attention and support they need.  ~M Dear M, Men who are afraid of a Loving Female Led Relationship have probably spent a lot of time combing the internet for information about Loving FLRs and they have found […]

Twin Flame Test: 20 Signs to Help You Know

Twin flames experience themselves as One, two halves of the same soul. The feeling of oneness is fantastic, a great bliss that makes everything in your life seem better. It is a love that is deeply spiritual, divinely blessed, meant to be, and fully alive on the emotional, physical, intellectual, sexual and psychic levels. Perhaps you have met someone and […]

Even though Alpha women are strong, they know how to love too.

I met Sarah during my broke days in UCLA Berkeley when I was desperately looking for a job. I dreamed and still plan to build up my career in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs. My wife was a strong independent woman but unfortunately a heartbroken single mom when I first met her. I suffered 5 rejections and 3 heartbreaks before meeting […]