5 Signs He’s Dating Other Women [RUN!]

Have you ever started dating a new guy and wondered how to know if he’s still dating other women? It’s totally acceptable for him (and you) to be seeing other people up to a certain point. I’m all about keeping your options open until you find someone special who is worth giving up your singleness for.  But if you think you’re dating […]

Say Goodbye to Self Doubt About Finding True Love

Here’s a true story about one successful woman’s journey from self-doubt in dating to finding true soulmate love.  Lila, a highly accomplished forty-year-old pediatric nurse, had been through a heart-wrenching divorce. Lila Shares Her Journey My 15-year marriage had ended. And there I was three years later, unhinged and afraid to jump into dating. I had an extra 35 pounds […]

3 Steps to Help Your Partner See Your Side

This article was originally published on The Gottman Relationship Blog. Conflict in relationships isn’t easy: There’s hurt. There’s misunderstanding. And, at the same time, there are parts of us that are screaming to feel validated and understood. The problem for many of us is we have learned to communicate in a way that actually pushes our partners away from truly […]

17 Fun Things to Do Tonight

Are you wondering how to spice up your relationship and reignite the flame in the bedroom?  If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it’s normal for your sex life to feel a little stale and monotonous. You’re way past the honeymoon phase and have probably slipped into a comfortable routine. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. But there’s no reason […]

Earning Our Place as Men

Some say the world is stripping men of their authority or power. But maybe we’ve stopped doing what it takes to earn it. I often think about what it means to “be a man.” Not just the biological randomness that we’re born as a male human, but what it really means to be a man worthy of the title. A good man. A […]