How To Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

The way we speak to ourselves can quite literally shape the reality that we live in. I was talking to someone I’m coaching last week and she told me: “I always date men who are bad for me.” I encouraged her to reframe this thinking to start saying “I used to date men who were bad for me.” Small tweaks […]

It’s Global Un-Cuffing Season – Tips For Healing From a Breakup – Heart Hackers Club

We’ve said it before, and we’ll be saying it for a while: these are trying times. Thanks to the panny d, break up and divorce rates have been increasing around the world. It’s basically a global un-cuffing season. Navigating heartbreak is difficult (understatement) at the best of times, and with so much time home alone, you may be feeling more […]

12 Signs He Will Eventually Commit

Are you wondering , What are the signs he will eventually commit? Perhaps you’ve met the One only to see him come on like gangbusters, but then pull back for no apparent reason. So that all of a sudden, everything becomes murky and uncertain in terms of your relationship.  Are you a couple or not?  Has he met someone else?  […]

5 Ways to Recognize Healthy Love

In a culture of ghosting, love bombing, and swiping…can we still recognize healthy love when we see it? The points in this article are written to give you a clearer vision of what healthy love looks (and feels) like, so you can recognize it when it comes along. 1: Healthy love lets you feel free. Never mistake possessiveness for love. Yes, […]