I’m Afraid to Be in a FLR

Dear Te-Erika, With her needs as a priority in a Female Led Relationship, I am concerned that my needs might not get the attention and support they need.  ~M Dear M, Men who are afraid of a Loving Female Led Relationship have probably spent a lot of time combing the internet for information about Loving FLRs and they have found […]

Is It What You Expect?

Dependency in a relationship can feel suffocating. Sometimes we lose our sense of self in our partner.  We can feel a love so deep, it can be as if we’ve become one with our partner and the universe.  It’s a unique, fairy-tale experience, and it’s what psychologists call a collapse of the ego state. The benefit is just that – […]

A New Opportunity for Intimacy (20+ Questions to Ask Your Lover)

What are your upcoming New Year’s Resolutions? “Part of what makes life meaningful are the goals we strive to achieve.” – Dr.John Gottman, 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work 2020 was the longest year yet. With a global pandemic, an emotionally charged political election in America, and conversations surrounding racial inequalities, it’s been a year of the books. So much has […]

How Understanding with Activism Can Create Change

“In every generation, white people have said there is not a racial problem and people of color have said there is. History has proven [the people of color] right.” – Tim Wise Trigger warnings: This article, at times, describes racism, trauma, abuse, and violence that happens to human bodies, with a focus on the bodies of Black and Indigenous People […]

Do you want a Loving FLR or a Femdom Relationship?

This website promotes Loving Female Led Relationships, relationships that empower women. The premise of a Loving FLR is that the woman’s happiness is the priority in the relationship and her partner is delighted to support her happiness in any way that he can. In fact, he believes supporting her happiness is his privilege. But sometimes people get turned around by […]

FLR School Is Now Open For Registration

Many readers have asked for a way to meet other FLR enthusiasts from around the world to discuss FLR themes in real time. Loving FLR has delivered. The very first FLR School is now open for registration. When you join the FLR School you get: 8 WEEKLY LIVE interactive web classes Live virtual GROUP DISCUSSIONS every week Access to our […]