50 Things for Couples to Do this Fall

There are so many fun things that this season holds, from pumpkin picking and carving to hayrides and corn mazes. We love the changing of the seasons because it mostly means that we are breaking out a handful of, completely new and creative, date night box themes for our couples!  We are very excited over here, not only because we […]

The Howling Hotel – Bonus Content

Life can sometimes make us feel like we are trapped in a haunted hotel, doesn’t it? It can be filled with twists and turns, obstacles we must overcome, and conundrums we must solve. It can be tough facing these things alone. Fortunately, you have your partner to help support you! Like some of the riddles in your box, you may […]

What Is Crated with Love?

Crated with Love is a date night company that helps couples strengthen their relationship with fun and unique date nights. It is our passion to bring couples closer together by creating engaging date night boxes focused on inspiring laughter, while also helping to strengthen relationships. Our goal is to make date night convenient, exciting, and affordable for all couples! Our […]

You + Me in Yosemite – Bonus Content

Letters from the Founders: So, since we were doing a Yosemite, hiking/camping themed box, we figured we should try and come up with a healthy dessert option (emphasis on try). We think we came up with a good compromise though! Our No-Bake Trail Mix Bites are just sweet enough to be dessert, but also packed with energy for your next […]

How to De-stress After Planning Your Wedding

Wedding planning is a super exciting and joy-filled time for you and your partner! But, let’s be honest, it can also be an incredibly stressful time for both of you! After the big day has come and gone, you both might be feeling a little lost about what comes next, and you might be feeling stressed and just plain burned […]

Into Hungry Waters – Bonus Content

Into Hungry Waters Date Night Playlist Facing your fears is just better with a good soundtrack. Here are some songs to get your blood pumping and courage flowing as you work through these activities! Challenge One: Fear or Faux-bia What to do: Now that you have successfully ranked each other’s fears, it’s time to add a twist to our Fear […]

Stronger Together: Top Tips for Saving Money as a Couple

There’s a saying that money is the root of all evil. And while that may not be necessarily true it is certainly the root of various marital problems. This is especially when there are mismatched attitudes towards money, contrasting financial priorities, and financial infidelity. These issues can boil over and can oftentimes put unnecessary strain on a marriage or relationship […]