What Do Women Want?  A Must-Read for Guys

Men always are asking me, What Do Women Want?  Well here are the 9 must-know tips that will answer that question once and for all.  If you are a guy, read on.  If you are a woman, share this blog with your boyfriend or husband.  You will be very happy you did! What Do Women Want?  Tip #1  Flirt before […]

Even Your Soulmate Will Cause Relationship Problems

Anyone who finds themselves in a dysfunctional relationship will either try to make their soulmate “perfect” by changing them, or try to change themselves to be the “perfect” partner. Here’s the truth: You can’t make a person change. Every person is imperfect. You know what this means? You must love an imperfect person you can tolerate – or even appreciate. […]

Get Unstuck From Indecision – Boundless

One time during high school I wanted to go talk to a group of cute cheerleaders. But to infiltrate the sea of pompoms I needed to traverse a low-hanging rope. Under normal circumstances, the rope was simple enough to overcome, but I deliberated: Should I jump over the rope or simply step over it? The first option would probably give […]

3 Choices that Make or Break It

You have three relationship connection choices that can make your partnership amazing or lonely. “Feed and clothe a human infant but deprive him of emotional contact [and] he will die.” – A General Theory of Love Matt and Evalin fight about everything under the sun. Evalin tells Matt, “You’re a slob. It’s not hard to pick up your clothes off […]

Did He Say “I Love You” Too Soon? Here’s How to Respond

You’ve been dating a great guy for just a few weeks when he gazes into your eyes… …and tells you he loves you. Pump the breaks…WHAT?!! It’s confusing…it’s awkward…and you likely don’t know what to do if a man says I love you too soon. It could be that he’s just totally infatuated with you and misreading his own feelings. […]

What is Emotional Cheating? Five Signs to Help You Know

Are you wondering, what is emotional cheating?  Maybe you are feeling lonely in your relationship or marriage.  But it seems like your spouse is focused elsewhere.  He or she may have a very “special” close friend, maybe at work or in your social network.  And you wonder if they are having an affair.  It seems like there is nothing sexual […]

A Relationship Built of Dependency: The Paradox of Love

Every relationship involves some level of dependency. But in a relationship built of dependency entirely, a chronic sense of anxiety begins to creep in. Our partners powerfully affect our ability to thrive in life. They influence how we feel about ourselves and what we believe we are capable of. And they ultimately impact our attempts to achieve our dreams. Even […]

Singles and “The Benedict Option”

If someone had told me at the beginning of 2020 what lay ahead, I would have thought they were paranoid and alarmist. Yet in just months, speculation became reality as life changed suddenly and dramatically. For me, the pandemic and cultural unrest — around everything from race to the economy to the election — have been made even more scary […]

7 Ways to Transform Clingy Insecurity Into a Superpower for Relationships

All superheroes have weaknesses that can cripple them. Like Superman’s kryptonite, my clingy insecurity in my relationship five years ago brought me to my knees. When I met Crystal, I fell head over heels instantly. She gave me just enough to show she was interested. But not enough to show that she was as invested as I was in our […]